When an event you are in charge of is forthcoming, (and you have already put the event on the church calendar and booked the location) it is then time to send information to me to help you advertise the event.

Church-wide events can be included in The Connect. Announcements that are for small groups (not for the whole church) may be placed into media options that best reach that group. Information submitted here will automatically be put in as many media options as appropriate.

Information for The Connect is required to submitted THREE SUNDAYS before it needs to run. The sooner that information is submitted the more options will be available to advertise it. Information sent in for The Connect (or information received past the deadline) will be included in other communication options when appropriate.

Please fill out as much of the info below that you can. Please do not send in info for an event of meeting that has not yet been finalized.

If you have questions, please email carrie@mumconline.com.

Success! This form has been submitted. If you have any questions or what to send in logos or photos for this announcement, please email carrie@mumconline.com